Mobile and Desktop Screens

Shellie Thompson is an awesome Chicago based full-service stylist and entrepreneur that brings a ton of experience and talent to the table. Finding out that she was interested in rework the Closet.Wardrobe.You. website, I was more than enthusiastic to get started on designing and developing a modern web presence for her personal consulting brand.

The design of the one-page website was all about being fully responsive and optimizing content for mobile. By using multiple breakpoints, I created an easy-to-navigate user experience across devices. With a priority on accessibility and scalable content, the website educates potential clients about her personal brand while demonstrating value of her fashion stylist services.

Taking full advantage of the viewport, large images and welcoming copy within each service section reflects Shellie’s personality. The messaging was simplified down to showcasing her consulting services and overall background story. By using simple CSS transitions paired with scrolling, movement and visibility was added to specific copy and call-to-action buttons.

Final Design

Final Website

The website was built with a responsive framework optimized for mobile. By designing for a variety of screen sizes, the final website was both accessible and progressive.

Icons Detail

Icons Detail

Section icons to reflect each service offering.